This blog is for my love of beauty of nature and sharing my memories here~~

Baguio, Phillipines Trip (2019)

12-17 December 2019 (finally an update, it took me this long to post this 😅😂) Since my family and I needed a break from work, assignments, we definitely needed a trip as a short getaway. So we decided to visit Baguio, one of the cities in Phillipines. From what I learned from my mum, Baguio … Continue reading Baguio, Phillipines Trip (2019)

I’m back 🙂

12 May 2021, Blog Post Update Hello, I’m back 😀 Not so sure if anyone visits my blog posts here as I have been on a Hiatus for quite some time already… I think my last updated post was on 2018. Phew, now it’s 2021… Also, I’m not sure if anyone, like the people I’ve … Continue reading I’m back 🙂

Family Trip To Japan

So my family and I went to Japan for a week, for the first time! 😀 The people were friendly and kind enough to give us directions when we seek help from them. Can I just say the food there is amazing! Great food, good people, cool places to visit~ Tokyo Skytree The view from … Continue reading Family Trip To Japan

Graduation Day 2018

I attended a 2 years Space Design (Interior & Exhibition) course at ITE College Central from Jan 2016 to Nov 2017 and graduated at 6 Feb, Tuesday. There were fun and happy times where I was able to put a smile across my friends face out of nowhere or make them laugh so hard their … Continue reading Graduation Day 2018


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