Graduation Day 2018

I attended a 2 years Space Design (Interior & Exhibition) course at ITE College Central from Jan 2016 to Nov 2017 and graduated at 6 Feb, Tuesday.

There were fun and happy times where I was able to put a smile across my friends face out of nowhere or make them laugh so hard their tummy might hurt from laughing. Anyways, it was memorable to be able to go to ITE and meet great people that I can be friends with for life.

Photos with my parents.

Photos with friends

I actually wanted to take photos with my other classmates but the area we were at were busy & most of them had to rush off so this were the ones I was able to take with. ^^


Photos with this girls~

Achievement: Able to make a friend with a “stone” / poker face smile. HAHA 😂😊 The one who had a “stone” face is the one in the middle.

One last Class Photo

Thank you to everyone who was there to make the 2 years happy and joyful! Hope for the best for you guys! 😊


[ You guys will be remembered. Especially Miss Tan’s Peace, Laughter and Joy phrase. XD ]

Family Dinner

My family with a few of my mum’s close friends came at Buffet at Royal Plaza on Scott’s ( Carousel ) Hotel.


 A preview of the seafood area~

The food from this area are very freshly cooked. Especially the crabs! Yummy~ ^^


Mini Cakes Lookin’ Good~

When the mini cakes caught my eye at the buffet, I knew I had to taste them.




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