My HK friends came to SG!😁

As part of the Overseas Exchange Programme,  the Hong Kong students will be coming to visit Singapore from 15-22 May.  On 17 May, we had to bring the Hong Kong students around places in Singapore like how they did for us back in Hong Kong 🙂

Skyline Luge

(Luge & Sky ride combo.  We went on it for three times.)


Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands

– The Universe and Art

– Future World Where Art Meets Science

(This exhibition mostly has hands-on activities to interact with. 😊)

Gardens by the Bay

(My friends and I went to see the light show which was star wars themed after bringing my hong kong friends to places.)


On 18 May,  we had to do two artworks.

Frame artwork

( The HK students had to do an artwork based on their impression of SG.  As for my side,  we had to do an impression of HK.)

String outline of SG & HK

(Done by us and the HK students together.)


At the end of everything, everyone had fun and I feel grateful that I was able to bond with them in SG even though it was only one day🙆💖



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