My trip to HK😊

OSEP Trip to HK

(Overseas Exchange Programme)

Last year,  I along with 3 girls were selected to go for the Overseas Exchange Programme to HK for an exchange workshop🙂 The slots were limited and only 4 students from an interior and architecture class were selected to go for the trip. So about 16 students. I could say my friend and I were super excited!! We were supposed to go last year December but it got cancelled due to the cold weather that is not easy to bare.

2nd Chance

Around this year February, the selected students for the OSEP trip were able to go to Hong Kong for 20-31 March😊 like finally! The weather in Hong Kong is not as bad as last year December so we get to go.

 ~While I was in HK~

We went to explore the street markets,  shop houses,  malls,  tourist attractions went to ride rollercoaster rides,  learn about history of HK from museums ,  eat food such as dumplings,  noodles and more,  we also went to visit interior design based companies that are involved in large scale projects. I was able to make about 5-6 new friends while I was in Hong Kong.  I would say it was an unforgettable memory of the places we visited in HK.  Although we went out,  got tired after walking a lot or tired ourselves out the whole day,  I would say it was worth the time and money to go. 😊🙆💖 Truly learnt new things and had fun along the way.

Ocean Park

(3 new friends made on that day.  They are from architecture class. Kinda made friends with a guy who screams like a girl HAHA😹)



Nan Lian Garden


Tsim Sha Tsui (Waterfront) 17-05-20-19-33-02-107_deco


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