Baguio, Phillipines Trip (2019)

12-17 December 2019

(finally an update, it took me this long to post this 😅😂)

Since my family and I needed a break from work, assignments, we definitely needed a trip as a short getaway.

So we decided to visit Baguio, one of the cities in Phillipines. From what I learned from my mum, Baguio is known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines“, Strawberry Farm and also known for its natural cold climate temperature where the soil in Baguio is good to grow crops such as vegetables, fruits, plants you name it!

Northern Blossom gardens

Just look at the different types of flowers they have at Northern Blossom! What a beauty!!

A sheltered resting area near the Northern Blossoms Garden Area.

I just had to take a picture, it was such a lovely and cosy setting 😊

Strawberry Farm

The locals there sell Strawberry, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Wine, Strawberry Smoothie xD

Nature Scenery in Baguio

Can I just say the view in Baguio is so beautiful? 🤩🤩🤩

The nature in Baguio is not only beautiful but healing & relaxing to see (if you’re a nature lover)

Colorful Vibrant Houses

I hope the pictures lightened up your day! As it definitely made me smile :))

Heya, my mum has a YouTube channel, Check out Tianel’s Journey video!

Btw, Go check out my mum’s channel, she has posted a video about the Baguio Trip before, here’s the link:

Credits to my mum recording the moments and memories to share on her YouTube channel 😀 Also do subscribe to my mum’s channel- Tianel’s Journey

(and yes, my update on this blog post is quite late but better late than never!!)

I’m back :)

12 May 2021, Blog Post Update

Hello, I’m back 😀 Not so sure if anyone visits my blog posts here as I have been on a Hiatus for quite some time already… I think my last updated post was on 2018. Phew, now it’s 2021…

Also, I’m not sure if anyone, like the people I’ve made friends with on here, I’m not sure if anyone remembers me because I haven’t been updating :/

Will Be Updating Soon~

Well, it’s okay as I plan to catch up soon to see how everyone is doing 😀 and also update the blog with journal entries, which mostly happened before the pandemic started…

I thought maybe why not get back to updating here to share pictures/memories to remember them by 😀

Family Trip To Japan

So my family and I went to Japan for a week, for the first time! 😀 The people were friendly and kind enough to give us directions when we seek help from them.

Can I just say the food there is amazing! Great food, good people, cool places to visit~

Tokyo Skytree

The view from the skytree is beautiful~~

Near Tokyo Disneyland

On our way to Tokyo Disneyland, the Disneyland Hotel was nearby & this is how it looks from afar.

Tokyo Disneyland

Phototaking time~~

I got this photo taken at the ground level of the castle.

Cinderella Castle

I just had to take a photo of the castle. The architecture of it is amazing. 😊

[This was taken from the cinderella castle.]

Popcorn & candy floss stands are stationed near rides 😊 Love the popcorn!


We went to hakone hoping to see Mt. Fuji but unfortunately the weather was cloudy and close to raining so we only went to Gotemba Premium Outlets.

Hotel Emion

One of the hotel my fam & I stayed in for 4 days 3 nights. The hotel has a partnership with disneysea & disneyland.

Tokyo Disneysea

The building behind me is the ride for Tower of Terror.

The ride was cool. Just that, it was a little terrifying for me when the ride escalated up and down very quickly for 2 times.

Jasmine Flying Carpet

I’m definitely going to visit Japan again with my family! And for the food too! XD

Graduation Day 2018

I attended a 2 years Space Design (Interior & Exhibition) course at ITE College Central from Jan 2016 to Nov 2017 and graduated at 6 Feb, Tuesday.

There were fun and happy times where I was able to put a smile across my friends face out of nowhere or make them laugh so hard their tummy might hurt from laughing. Anyways, it was memorable to be able to go to ITE and meet great people that I can be friends with for life.

Photos with my parents.

Photos with friends

I actually wanted to take photos with my other classmates but the area we were at were busy & most of them had to rush off so this were the ones I was able to take with. ^^


Photos with this girls~

Achievement: Able to make a friend with a “stone” / poker face smile. HAHA 😂😊 The one who had a “stone” face is the one in the middle.

One last Class Photo

Thank you to everyone who was there to make the 2 years happy and joyful! Hope for the best for you guys! 😊


[ You guys will be remembered. Especially Miss Tan’s Peace, Laughter and Joy phrase. XD ]

Family Dinner

My family with a few of my mum’s close friends came at Buffet at Royal Plaza on Scott’s ( Carousel ) Hotel.


 A preview of the seafood area~

The food from this area are very freshly cooked. Especially the crabs! Yummy~ ^^


Mini Cakes Lookin’ Good~

When the mini cakes caught my eye at the buffet, I knew I had to taste them.



My HK friends came to SG!😁

As part of the Overseas Exchange Programme,  the Hong Kong students will be coming to visit Singapore from 15-22 May.  On 17 May, we had to bring the Hong Kong students around places in Singapore like how they did for us back in Hong Kong 🙂

Skyline Luge

(Luge & Sky ride combo.  We went on it for three times.)


Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands

– The Universe and Art

– Future World Where Art Meets Science

(This exhibition mostly has hands-on activities to interact with. 😊)

Gardens by the Bay

(My friends and I went to see the light show which was star wars themed after bringing my hong kong friends to places.)


On 18 May,  we had to do two artworks.

Frame artwork

( The HK students had to do an artwork based on their impression of SG.  As for my side,  we had to do an impression of HK.)

String outline of SG & HK

(Done by us and the HK students together.)


At the end of everything, everyone had fun and I feel grateful that I was able to bond with them in SG even though it was only one day🙆💖


My trip to HK😊

OSEP Trip to HK

(Overseas Exchange Programme)

Last year,  I along with 3 girls were selected to go for the Overseas Exchange Programme to HK for an exchange workshop🙂 The slots were limited and only 4 students from an interior and architecture class were selected to go for the trip. So about 16 students. I could say my friend and I were super excited!! We were supposed to go last year December but it got cancelled due to the cold weather that is not easy to bare.

2nd Chance

Around this year February, the selected students for the OSEP trip were able to go to Hong Kong for 20-31 March😊 like finally! The weather in Hong Kong is not as bad as last year December so we get to go.

 ~While I was in HK~

We went to explore the street markets,  shop houses,  malls,  tourist attractions went to ride rollercoaster rides,  learn about history of HK from museums ,  eat food such as dumplings,  noodles and more,  we also went to visit interior design based companies that are involved in large scale projects. I was able to make about 5-6 new friends while I was in Hong Kong.  I would say it was an unforgettable memory of the places we visited in HK.  Although we went out,  got tired after walking a lot or tired ourselves out the whole day,  I would say it was worth the time and money to go. 😊🙆💖 Truly learnt new things and had fun along the way.

Ocean Park

(3 new friends made on that day.  They are from architecture class. Kinda made friends with a guy who screams like a girl HAHA😹)



Nan Lian Garden


Tsim Sha Tsui (Waterfront) 17-05-20-19-33-02-107_deco